Hello!!! Welcome to "Ori's Creations" website. My name is Orietta (Ori for friends) and my hobby is creating websites. I like graphic and above all I love the ideas that give life to images. For me, all that is created with passion is magic and I hope to be able to transmit a little bit of this magic to you.
In the section ...For You... You are free to download all that you want...Please keep my credit. I only ask that you don't use my credit, nor use my works on sites for profit (without my prior permission) or for your own private collections......
If you want to know more about the websites I have made, just click into Portfoglio... Friends can be found in the section Links ...At the moment they are few...but I hoping the family will soon increase. By the way, take particular attention to Sara. She's very good with Flash.
For any information, for a banner exchange or even just to have a chat, link into Contatti and you will find my e-mail address.
Just one more point, the font that I have used for this website is Comic Sans Ms, which you can download here...No problem to install it on your computer, just click the control panel and open "Caratteri" or "Fonts", then click on "file" on the top left-hand side. A window will open in which you should specify to the file continuing the downloaded font which you have previously unzipped, then select it and click "ok". A quicker way to install it, after having unzipped it, is to copy and paste it directly into the "Fonts" folder...Last but not least, the cats and dogs show in this home page are my lovely animal friends...Just a little thought for their great and unreserved love...and thank you very much Gilly for your kind help in the english translation. Bye and hope see you soon.
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